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About Us | Dr. Myriam Ensling Internal Medicine and Obesity | Columbia, MO
With a vast amount of experience as a primary care physician, Dr. Myriam Ensling opened her own practice in June of 2012. Previously, she worked as the assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Missouri. Here, she taught more than 1,000 medical students and residents the higher education they needed for their credentials. Before this position, she was the director at the Laennec Internal Medicine and Obesity Clinic. This position gave her great drive to help those who were suffering from obesity and its many secondary conditions.

She has practiced both hospital attending and also outpatient attending. She has successfully passed the certification test required by the American Board of Bariatric Medicine. She is fascinated with obesity and learning more about the Metabolic Syndrome. She was invited as speaker to the 2011 International Drug Discovery Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China, where she presented her insight regarding this condition.

As an internal medicine specialist that practices in the Columbia, MO area, she offers more than 20 years of advanced experience to her patients. She believes that the connection with your physician should be considered a partnership. The more you are able to converse your desires and comprehend your choices, the more fruitful your appointment will be. Some people feel more comfortable talking with a woman doctor.

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